The Tire Plugger from Stop & Go will handle an emergency repair on a tubeless tire when a repair from the inside of the tire is not possible. Tire Plugger will quickly seal the tire puncture on the inside of the tire.

The Plugger is a spring-loaded gun that drives a plug into the hole. The shaft of the plug expands under pressure to fill the puncture. A mushroom head of the plug sits on the inner wall and allows no air to escape.

The Tire Plugger is easily stored in a small carrying pouch and weighs just 23 lbs. The kit includes the Plugger, nozzle, probe tool, reamer/rasp tool, retractable blade, and 25 rubber mushroom plugs. Suggested retail price is $43.95. An extra bag of plugs is $7.50. Contact Stop & Go, 3610 Thunderbird Lane, Crystal Lake, IL 60012, 800/747-0238,