Welding station ??? With names like IronMan, AirForce and Handler on Hobart's welders and cutters, you're sure to get some power in the package. The new IronMan 210 is an all-in-one MIG welder. It will weld steel and stainless steel from 22 gauge to 3/8 in. thick and aluminum from 22 gauge to 1/4 in. thick, all in a single pass. It has an output range of 30 to 210 amps and a rated output of 150 amps and 23v DC at 40% duty cycle; it runs on 230v input power. Suggested price: $1,149.

The Handler 175 is good for repairs, restoration or fabrication. It has an amperage range of 30 to 175 and will handle 22-gauge to 1/4-in. metal in a single pass. Suggested price: $643.