MANA Crop Protection has developed a new insecticide called Paradigm for control of armyworms, cutworms, loopers, beetles and aphids in corn and soybeans. It has received EPA approval.

Paradigm insecticide is a new formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin developed by MANA. This formulation acts quickly on insects in a safer manner for workers and with low-odor properties.

Older formulations of lambda-cyhalothrin products produce an offensive odor and skin sensitivity in some people. Paradigm does not and therefore has a less-restrictive classification label for workers than other insecticides have. Handlers may wear less cumbersome protective equipment, and skin sensitivities are reduced.

MANA reports that Paradigm has an advanced-generation pyrethroid chemistry that works on contact and through ingestion for control of insects. It is registered on corn, soybeans and 50 other crops. The product may be applied at planting in corn to target cutworms and wireworms. Foliar applications on corn will control rootworms, armyworms, corn borers, stinkbugs, aphids, flea beetles and other destructive pests. Foliar application on soybeans will control aphids, cutworms, grasshoppers, lygus bugs, stink bugs, and other insects.

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