Syngenta announced that the EPA has granted registration approval for Zemax herbicide in North America, which is powered by Callisto Plant Technology.

“Based on the same capsule-suspension formulation technology as Halex GT corn herbicide, Zemax combines two active ingredients — mesotrione and S-metolachlor — into one product with optimized handling and physical properties,” said Johnny Reynolds, senior group leader for Syngenta. “Featuring good compatibility with sulfur-containing nitrogen fertilizers and other critical tankmix partners, Zemax also was designed to minimize the effects of overwintering, which helps both distribution channel partners and growers.”

Mesotrione, the active ingredient in Callisto herbicide, provides burndown and residual broadleaf weed control, while S-metolachlor, the active ingredient in Dual II Magnum herbicide, offers residual grass and small-seeded broadleaf weed control.

“This combination results in more effective residual control than competitive corn herbicides — SureStart, TripleFLEX and Verdict — on tough grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp, pigweeds, foxtails, lambsquarters and ragweeds,” said Carroll Moseley, asset lead, Syngenta. “Zemax also is targeted for weed biotypes like waterhemp and pigweed that are tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, ALS-inhibiting, PPO and triazine herbicides.”

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