Wheat growers have a new Bayer CropScience herbicide with a new active ingredient. Huskie Complete received approval from EPA for application to cereals, including spring wheat, winter wheat and durum. The new herbicide will control grass weeds including those that are ACC-ase resistant, such as wild oats, barnyardgrass and green and yellow foxtail. Huskie also will handle more than 50 broadleaf weeds, including ALS-resistant biotypes, including common lambsquarters, Russian thistle, and prickly lettuce.

“Most wheat fields contain a mixture of grass and broadleaf weeds, requiring the use of multiple products in one application,” reported John McGregor, cereals herbicide product manager, Bayer CropScience. “In one product, and one application, Huskie Complete provides cross-spectrum weed control of the most important grass and broadleaf weeds in wheat.

For more information about Huskie Complete, visit www.BayerCropScience.us.