Easily sidedress nitrogen with the new Nutri-Placr 2800-16 from DMI. The liquid fertilizer applicator handles from 12 to 16, 30-in. rows with either a liquid coulter knife or liquid injector. The low-maintenance applicator allows you to apply fertilizer where and when it is needed. A hydraulic system provides the down pressure to keep the coulter in the ground at the desired depth across the entire applicator. The unit allows a wing flex of 6ø down and 30ø up. Full list price for the 16-row model is $23,400. Contact DMI, Dept. FIN, Box 65, Goodfield, IL 61742-0065, 309/965-2233, www.dmi farm.com.

An estimated 60% of all processed foods, from corn flakes to infant formula, contains at least one genetically engineered component. Popular Science

Tips for growers Find a new online resource for crop protection information at Zeneca's Web site, www.zenecaag products.com. A local information section provides up-to-date bulletins about pests in your county, with options for control.