Buhler Industries recently gave a sneak peak of the combines sold in Russia that will be marketed in North America as early as this spring. The combines called Torum Series in Russia will be rebranded under the Versatile name and sold to farmers in this continent. They are manufactured by Buhler Versatile’s parent company Combine Factory Rostselmash, headquartered in Russia.

Grant Adolph, COO of Buhler Industries, said these combines are “large Class VIII” models rated at about 485 hp. The combines have undergone testing the past two years in western Canada and have performed well, he added. They were tested on several crops, including corn, beans, rice, flax and canola.

The Torum model is a “rotary combine where the concave rotates slowly in the opposite direction and throughput is phenomenal,” Adolph said.

These combines will carry the same hallmarks of the Versatile tractors, which are reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain.