IF YOUR combine is running short on capacity but you don’t want the extra weight of a larger class size, AGCO Gleaner has an option for you. The company is launching a super-sized version of its Gleaner R6 transverse rotor combines called the Gleaner S7 (S stands for super) series. The Class 6 Gleaner S67 and Class 7 Gleaner S77(shown) are rated 314 and 370 hp, respectively, and offer the largest standard gain bin available — 330 bu. on the S77. A 390-bu. bin is optional. A 2-wd combine weighs only 29,740 lbs. — the lightest Class 6 and 7 rotary combines on the market.

Suggested list prices of the Gleaner S7 series: $319,000 to $365,165. Visit www.agcocorp.com.