Another refuge-in-a-bag (RIB) product from Monsanto received approval for commercialization in 2012. Monsanto’s Genuity VT Double Pro RIB Complete is now on the market for farmers in the Corn Belt who need above-ground pest control and not corn rootworm protection.

The new seed is a blend of 95% Genuity VT Double Pro and 5% refuge (non-Bt) seed. Introduced in 2010, the technology was the first dual mode-of-action product for above-ground pest protection that allowed farmers to lower their refuge in the corn-growing area from the standard 20%. The reduced refuge enables farmers to protect more of their fields from pest damage that reduces yield.

Genuity VT Double Pro corn hybrids offer protection from European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm and corn earworm, while offering tolerance to Roundup (glyphosate) herbicides.

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