The EPA recently granted registration approval for Syngenta’s Agrisure Viptera 3220 corn trait stack. This stack includes the Viptera trait for aboveground pest protection. It also contains the Agrisure CB/LL trait for European corn borer, the Agrisure GT trait for glyphosate tolerance, and the Herculex I trait for second modes of both broad-spectrum lepidopteran protection and corn borer protection. Syngenta says this new Viptera 3220 trait stack is designed for geographies where corn rootworm is not a problem. The new trait should be available in 2012.

Syngenta also reported it submitted for EPA registration a new 5% blended refuge-in-a-bag product with the Agrisure Viptera 3220 trait stack. The company intends to market it under the Agrisure E-Z Refuge name when EPA approval is received.