A new smart antenna called the A325 is now available from Hemisphere GPS. This new, affordable antenna incorporates professional-level centimeter and sub-meter positioning accuracy powered by Hemisphere GPS’s Eclipse receiver technology and includes L-band and Bluetooth communications support.

A325 accuracies may be custom configured for specific customer needs and budget. Users can take advantage of free SBAS sub-meter accuracy or decimeter-level L-band support. For more precise needs such as land surveying, customers can activate the centimeter-level RTK feature with robust GPS and GLONASS positioning that uses SureTrack technology.

The A325 is compatible with a range of data collectors, terminals and software applications. It also is easy to install and operate on a vehicle and in other harsh environmental conditions. Wireless connections to a data controller make it easy to establish positions and attributes. The multicolor LED status indicator and integrated 2-D tilt sensor enable offset corrections.

“A325 offers customers a very versatile, precision GNSS smart antenna at an amazing price,” said Phil Gabriel, vice president and general manager of Precision Products, Hemisphere GPS.

A325 is now available through the Hemisphere GPS Precision products global dealer network. For more information about Hemisphere GPS’s Precision Products and A325 antenna, visit www.hemispheregps.com/precision