At the event, Trimble also previewed new capabilities added to its crop input control system called Field IQ, launched in 2009. The original system controlled the application rates of seed and liquid nitrogen on up to 48 sections on planters and sprayers. The new system now can handle up to six products,including granular fertilizer and pesticides on platforms such as row-crop planters, air seeders and strip-till rigs.

“You now have the ability to control up to six control drives,” says Micah Eidem, product manager for Trimble’s flow and application group. “What that means is users who want to simultaneously control the flow of seed, liquid and granular products in six different combinations have that capacity.”

The new system also allows for the monitoring of implement performance so operators can tell when delivery systems are blocked or when crop inputs are being over- or under-applied. Planters, for instance, can be monitored for the number of seeds applied and quality of spacing on each individual row.

“With the new Field IQ system we can now do seed monitoring and singulation analysis to give growers useful information about how their planter is performing,” Eidem says. “Those are really the tools that operators use to make sure their seeding system is performing at the best level possible.”

The suggested list price for Field-IQ cab and implement kits starts at about $1,600. The list price for a Field-IQ ready Tru Count Meter Mount air clutch kit for a 16-row planter is $8,195. A LiquiBlock kit for the planter lists at $780. For more information,visit