Trimble’smajor introduction this year was a new multiuse modem called the DCM-300. The modem can be used for data transfer of A-B lines, coverage maps, yield maps, field records and other important data. Other options include asset tracking, geo-fences, e-mail alerts and RTK corrections. One modem completely links the field to the farm office.

“This is my equivalent of the Apple iPhone for the moment,” says Ian Harley, business unit director for Trimble, as he holds up a black box with two ports.

He says one port allows you to connect to Trimble’s VRS Now Network to receive sub-inch GPS correction signals. The other port provides a wireless connection that allows transfer of data between the field and office over the Internet using either cellular service or WiFi.

The DCM-300 modem, part of Trimble’s Connected Farm solution, is designed to take the place of two modems to provide growers with a more cost-effective and faster wireless connection. Suggested modem list price is$1,895 for data transfer, asset tracking, and RTK corrections or $995 for just asset tracking. A data plan is required for an additional $600/year; however, the modem being used only for asset tracking includes a data plan. Data plans are available for either CDMA or GSM cellular networks such as AT&T and Verizon.