Trimble’s new CenterPoint RTX service, announced this summer, is the first to deliver RTK-quality correction signals via satellite, without the need for radio or cellular communications hardware. As a result, the entire midsection of the U.S. now has another correction signal option, at least for those with Trimble FmX and CFX-750 monitors, which are required to access RTX. CenterPoint RTX provides repeatable 1.5-in. accuracy, compared to sub-inch repeatable accuracy from ground-based RTK correction services.

Compared with other satellite correction services, such as John Deere’s SF1 and SF2 and Trimble’s OmniStar HP and XP services, which have non-repeatable accuracies of 3 in. or larger, CenterPoint RTX is a technological breakthrough, says Matt Darr, a precision agriculture specialist at Iowa State University. 

“The way they have been able to model this solution and deliver it by satellite is impressive,” Darr says.

Unlike traditional RTK systems, which use corrections from nearby ground base stations, CenterPoint RTX uses a universal correction. That’s developed in real time by solving GPS and Glonass satellite clock and orbit errors detected at more than 100 RTK receivers around the globe, says Mike Martinez, Trimble Agriculture market manager. This universal correction is then compressed and relayed through a proprietary messaging format called CMRx, which is further processed by FmX and CFX-750 software.

The annual subscription cost for CenterPoint RTX is $1,650/year for standard convergence and $1,850/year for rapid convergence. The service also requires a $2,000 OmniStar HP/XP firmware unlock. An additional $2,000 RTK unlock is needed to use the rapid convergence feature available in much of Iowa, Illinois and parts of adjoining states.

Trimble’s cellular-based corrections network, now called CenterPoint VRS, also continues to grow. The CenterPoint VRS Midwest network, which covers most of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and parts of adjoining states, has been beefed up with about 30 new base stations, while about 40 others have been relocated to shorten baseline distances and/or improve satellite visibility.

Dealer-owned CenterPoint RTK radio networks are growing, too. They now cover about 650 million acres across the U.S., up about 100 million acres in the past year, Martinez says.

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