The Reichhardt Ultra Guidance PSR system, which is imported from Germany, offers a choice of sonic, tactile and mechanical sensors. Signals from the sensors, as well as an existing GPS receiver, are fed into a Reichhardt iBox computer, which interfaces with a controller that offers various steering options.

The sonic system typically is used for spraying. Soybeans must be about 1½ in. tall and corn 8 in. tall to be recognized by the sensors. The tactile system is for corn harvest and uses a single flexible poly wand, which is mounted through a single snout.

The iBox computer, which can be moved among vehicles, has a list price of $5,500. A four-sensor sonic system lists for $3,300. The tactile system lists for $2,500, and the mechanical lists for $3,000. Contact Reichhardt at 701/967-8369, visit or, or circle 112.