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Outback adds steer-by-wire, automated turns, new receivers

Hemisphere GPS upgrades its Outback navigation system with steer-by-wire and end-row turning for the Outback eDriveX and introduces two receivers and an electric steering wheel system.


The Outback eDriveX centimeter-level automated steering system from Hemisphere GPS now offers cabling to quickly outfit automated steering-ready vehicles, including those from Case IH, New Holland, John Deere and Challenger. In addition, new eDriveX software will enable end-row turns at the touch of a button.

Two new GPS receivers also have been announced. The A320/A321 Smart Antennas are powered by the Hemisphere GPS Eclipse II GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) receivers. They are built into rugged, all-in-one enclosures that contain the receiver, antenna and optional radio modems. The receivers are upgradeable through authorization codes to support GPS and GLONASS RTK, OmniSTAR HP/XP/VBS/G2 and SBAS.

The A320 Smart Antenna is designed for mounting on roving machines. The A321 Smart Antenna adds functionality as a portable base station for mounting on a tripod or riser. It has a full graphic display with menu selection keys and can log data to a standard USB flash drive.

The new antennas and eDriveX upgrades complement the new eDriveVSi electrically controlled steering wheel, which was announced earlier.

The suggested retail price for steer-by-wire eDriveX kits is $6,295. That compares to $6,995 for aftermarket eDriveX hydraulic kits. The end-row-turning unlock is priced at $995. The suggested retail price for the eDriveVSi steering wheel system is $4,590. Pricing for the A320/A321 Smart Antennas has not been announced.

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