Trimble continues to add features to its Connected Farm suite of software solutions. For the 2011 harvest, it broadened its Sync solution to enable wireless transfer of combine yield monitor files from the Trimble FmX display to Trimble servers, then to an office computer.

Earlier in the year, it released Dispatch, which adds geo-fences and email alerts. The company’s new WM-Drain software also can dispatch drainage plan files from the Farm Works Surface in the office to the field via Connected Farm servers. The DCM-300 modem now handles data transfer, asset management tracking and cellular RTK correction signal acquisition chores, replacing separate data/RTK modems needed in the past.

The new data transfer capability “completes the circle” from planting to harvest as Sync enables transfer of guidance lines, variable-rate prescription maps, planned and completed jobs, application maps, soil sampling and scouting maps, yields and more, says Scott Nusbaum, Farm Works product manager.

“Initially, most interest in Sync has been from larger farms,” he says. “Now, moderate and smaller-sized farms are seeing the benefits. Guys have been looking at it for a year and are now ready to take it on.”

The cost of the Sync package is $600/year, plus data plan charges from cellular providers and $1,895 for the DCM-300 modem. Dispatch alone costs $240/year, plus $995 for the modem. Visit