Soon after Raven Industries released its Slingshot RTK and cellular communications system in 2010, it introduced an application programing interface (API) to allow software companies, precision ag equipment manufacturers, OEMs and others to use Slingshot to deliver integrated information management solutions to their mutual customers.

In 2012, the API developer floodgates will open as more than 10 Slingshot API partners announce new capabilities harnessing the Slingshot API, says Kelby Kleinsasser, Raven’s Applied Technology Division ag information director.

“I think 2012 will be a terrific year of innovation,” he says. “We are breaking down the barriers and creating new interoperability that didn’t exist before.”

SST Software, which is partially owned by Raven, has begun using the API to deliver SST Summit capabilities to Raven controllers via Slingshot. Software Solutions has also used the API in the dispatch module within its Agvance product. Both will improve sprayer efficiency by transferring prescriptions and as-applied maps and monitoring tank levels and, soon, features such as automatic tender dispatching, Kleinsasser says. These capabilities supplement asset tracking and data transfer capabilities built into the Slingshot system.

Raven also is working with several agricultural equipment manufacturers to develop telematic packages delivered via the Slingshot system. “We are well down the path toward offering CANbus telematics solutions to multiple OEM partners,” Appleford says. Visit