For 2012, communications hardware needed for AGCO’s AgCommand telematics system will be available on all AGCO power equipment above 85 to 100 hp, plus all combines. Smaller-horsepower tractors can be outfitted with a communications package needed for AgCommand Basic, says Marlin Melander, AGCO technology marketing specialist.

Since AGCO introduced AgCommand in 2010, it has narrowed the service to two levels: AgCommand Basic Plus and AgCommand Advanced.

The Basic Plus plan, which was introduced in 2010, records vehicle locations, operating status, run times and other information derived from the built-in GPS receiver.

The Advanced system, which became available in August 2011, harvests data from the equipment CANbus, including engine rpm, load, fuel usage, transmission loads, error codes and a range of other data that can provide a picture of a vehicle’s use efficiency and overall health. This information can be viewed and analyzed on the AgCommand website, which can be used to set custom alerts for key parameters, such as excessive engine idling, as well as standard alerts for error codes.

On combines, the Advanced system monitors functions affecting harvest efficiency. The system can provide text and email alerts for a range of functions, including excessive grain losses, Melander says.

The list price for factory-installed AgCommand Standard Plus is $2,510 for hardware and three years of service. The list price of AgCommand Advanced is $4,835, including hardware and three years of service. For more information, visit