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John Deere unveils FarmSight for telematics, diagnostics, control of equipment

John Deere plans to make its equipment more intelligent with its new FarmSight suite of products that will be introduced to the market over the next year.

John Deere equipment will continue to get much smarter in the future. The company announced at Commodity Classic its plan to introduce a suite of products under the FarmSight umbrella that will take precision farming to a new level.

The FarmSight plan includes a robust telematics program that will extend JDLink capabilities. Farmers will be able to monitor machines from office computers or mobile devices. They will watch machine activity and location along with receiving notices of machine trouble.

Jerry Roel with Deere said the goal is to let users see in their office or mobile device what’s on a tractor, combine or other vehicle’s display.  

Another part of FarmSight will be machine-to-machine control. One example cited was a combine taking control of a tractor and grain cart as it nears the combine for unloading. The benefit will be an efficient unloading process. Roel said Deere hopes to offer this technology in time for the 2012 harvest season. It will also be extended to other equipment and activities. 

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