A versatile braking system that operates both pneumatically and hydraulically earned an honorable mention in the EIMA contest. The Italian manufacturer Zaccaria designed the double braking system for implements.

David Pedretti with the company says it is following European tractor manufacturers, which are now installing both air and oil systems on their new tractor models. Zaccaria is the first company to install brake systems on implements that work with both oil and air.

A unique feature of the Zaccaria double braking system is its single brake cylinder; only one cylinder is installed on each wheel. One side of the cylinder operates with air systems and the other with oil systems.

Zaccaria also was honored for installing an antilock brake system (ABS) on its trailers. Pedretti noted that the ABS works similar to a car’s ABS. Zaccaria is the first company to use ABS on implements.

Zaccaria manufactures large trailers and manure-handling implements. Visit www.zaccariarimorchi.com for more information.