New Holland’s Intellifill filling system will automatically start and stop filling a trailer that travels next to a forage harvester. The system uses a 3D camera mounted under the filling spout to guide the crop flow into the trailer. Unlike conventional camera systems, Intellifill detects depth and distances. This helps the system to accurately determine trailer position and control crop flow trajectory to a distance of up to 65 ft.

“A special camera reads the color of different pixels and can understand the distance of the harvester and trailer and how full or empty it is,” reports Virginio Cesana, product specialist, CNH Italia. “Software is able to understand the level of the product.”

The advantage of Intellifill on a self-propelled harvester is that harvest can continue without interrupting it to change wagons. The system also can accurately control crop flow at night and will work with any type of trailer.

Intellifill is being tested on New Holland’s FR9000 series forage harvesters in Europe and the United States. Cesana says the new feature should be available for purchase as a retrofit product within a year.

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