Precision ag software companies have incorporated cloud capabilities ranging from data transfer to online data storage, seamless behind-the-scenes online computing to supplement PC software, and Web-based programs that reside solely on the cloud.

Here’s a look at several cloud-capable precision ag software options.

AgJunction (, which was purchased by Hemisphere GPS in 2012, is a totally cloud-based software program. All data are stored and analyzed on remote server computers and accessed through a Web browser. It is available through service providers such as fertilizer dealers and agronomists, including Wilbur Ellis (AgVerdict), Crop Productions Services (NutriScription HD), Jimmy Sanders (OptiGro) and Precision Ag Consultants (Precision.Ag).

Farm Works Software (, a division of Trimble, uses the cloud to wirelessly synchronize Farm Works data on office computers and FmX and CFX-750 displays via its Connected Farm ( service.

MapShots AgStudio (, new to farmers in 2012, is a hybrid office computer and cloud-based program. It stores precision ag data on the cloud, but office computing power is used to analyze data and develop application prescriptions.

FarmRite, from SST Software (, has been available to ag retailers and their customers for more than a decade and is a totally cloud/Web-based precision ag program. It is designed to process variable-rate fertility recommendations, yield maps and other analyses and decision-support services.