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Ag Leader adds GLONASS to ParaDyme; OptRx now for wheat and corn

Ag Leader has upgraded its ParaDyme automated steering receiver by enabling it to receive navigation signals from the Russian GLONASS satellite system. The company also has added software to it OptRx sensor system to allow it to make variable-rate nitrogen applications in wheat.


Ag Leader’s ParaDyme automated steering receiver now can use navigation signals from the Russian GLONASS satellite system, as well as signals from the U.S. GPS system.

Being able to access additional satellites will reduce coverage interruptions due to low satellite availability, says Matt Leinen, Ag Leader GPS and guidance product manager. “This feature will be especially beneficial to our growers that often lose satellite signal due to tree lines or other field obstacles,” he says. “Additional satellite availability will help them maintain a GNSS signal and keep running.”

The upgrade can be added to existing ParaDyme receivers with a firmware update. The cost to unlock GLONASS capability is $1,750.

Ag Leader also announced the addition of a wheat algorithm for its OptRx crop sensor. This will allow the sensor system to be used to make real-time variable-rate nitrogen applications in wheat as well as corn. 

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