Models with ExactEmerge will be available in 15-in, 20-in. and 30-in. spacing. The system works with the Central Commodity System hopper only and it's designed for use in corn and soybeans for market year 2015. The two planter models will be the 1775NT and the 1795.

There is a need for higher horsepower at higher speed. Kaverina notes that to push from 5 mph to 7.5 mph you'll need about 40% more horsepower and to run at 10 mph the difference is 80% more hp. So if you've been running a 200 hp tractor at 5 mph to plant, to get to 10 mph you're looking at a 360 hp tractor to do the same job.

The company will have a limited number of machines working in the field for the 2014 planting season and look for field events after planting too.

New planters - including the new MaxEmerge 5 unit or the new ExactEmerge are now part of John Deere's early order program, pricing was not available at press time. If you want to know more about the planter, visit