There's a magic word being talked about a lot these days - yield. It's the core of your business and doing all you can to boost yield maximizes per-acre returns. That's also the driving force behind a lot of agricultural machinery innovation. A key development being rolled out this spring for season 2015 from John Deere is new planter technology.

And there are two significant developments the company shared with Farm Industry News that were rolled out at the National Farm Machinery Show last month. The two significant developments are a new MaxEmerge 5 row unit and a totally new planting system called ExactEmerge which promise precision speed placement at much higher speeds.

Global planter unit

The MaxEmerge 5 is the culmination of a lot of engineering work. "We are replacing two row units [in the line] with the MaxEmerge 5," says Elena Kaverina, product manager, John Deere. "We are taking the best advantages of specific row unit families and creating a totally new fifth generation of row units."

Kaverina explains the MaxEmerge 5 essentially takes the best features of the MaxEmerge XP and the Pro-Series systems, along with the produced outside North America, and brings them together into a single "world" unit. "There is the impression that this may not be a big deal," Kaverina says. "But this is going to be a common design around the globe and we will be touching every planter in our line."