Following announcements of multi-hybrid concept planters by Kinze and Precision Planting last winter, both companies took many planters to the field this spring to prove that the concept machines work as theorized.

Officials from both companies say multiple planters used on thousands of acres across the Corn Belt proved their planting technologies perform well in the field.

Now, as they wait for yield data, the companies are finalizing commercialization plans.

“The planters have performed extremely well,” says Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager for Kinze Manufacturing. “Based on the positive spring, we have decided to put the multi-hybrid planter into production. We will have it available on a limited basis for 2015 planting.”

At Monsanto-owned Precision Planting, Dale Koch, multi-hybrid product manager, says growers should look for an announcement about 2015 multi-hybrid planter availability at the Farm Progress Show, Aug. 26-28 in Boone, IA. “We really had a fantastic spring,” he says. “We put in thousands of acres with the multi-hybrid system and it did what we asked it to do, giving us the ability to plant each hybrid and each row at any population.”

Grower interest in multi-hybrid planters has been strong, says Koch. “Customers have been asking us about this technology for years,” he says. “There is just a lot of pent-up demand.”

“Conceptually, farmers understand the potential benefit of planting multiple hybrids in the same field,” adds Schildroth. “They want to know when they can buy this.”