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Customized planter setup

Steve Nokleby, corn and soybean farmer from Montevideo, MN, gives a walk-around view of his new Great Plains Yield Pro 1625 planter with attachments.


If you’re looking for ways to improve seed planting this spring, Steve Nokleby might be a source for inspiration. Nokleby, a farmer and Precision Planting representative from Montevideo, MN, bought a new planter last fall and equipped it with add-ons designed to ensure the right seed placement.

I got a firsthand look at his customized planter when I visited his farm last fall. At that time he had just traded in his two 8-row 30-in. planters for a 16-row 30-in. Great Plains Yield-Pro 1625 model so that he could get by with only one driver. The planter is configured to run twin rows, making it essentially a 32-row unit, he says.

The planter came equipped with a center fill seed hopper and tanks that hold liquid fertilizer for corn or Soygreen to improve iron uptake in soybeans. Nokleby added no-till coulters and Martin row cleaners to handle crop residue from his strip-tilled and no-tilled fields. He also put Schlagel press wheels on back to help maintain an even planting depth in muddy ground or trash conditions.

Nokleby installed the 20/20 SeedSense monitor from Precision Planting to help him identify when he is planting skips or doubles. He uses the information to monitor planter performance and make changes if needed. The monitor works with the 20/20 AirForce system, which automatically measures and manages downforce on each row unit to ensure uniform seeding depth.

Nokleby plans to replace the planter’s ground drive system with two hydraulic drives, one on each half of the planter. The drives, controlled by Precision Planting’s RowFlow, will automatically vary seeding rates and shutoffs according to area of the field.

Go to ( to see a video of Nokleby’s customized planter setup.

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