Apr 18, 2011

New section-control functions for Leica mojo3D

  Leica Geosystems has added section-control capability to the Leica mojo3D. Initially, the Direct Section Control function, which can control up to 30 sections, will be available for Hardi HC5500 and HC6500 rate controllers. Leica will add support for popular U.S. rate controllers later in 2011, according to Harlan Little, Leica Ag Business Manager for North America....More
Apr 15, 2011

USDA to provide funding for blender pumps

“More blender pumps mean more consumers will finally have the choice and flexibility they deserve to pick the ethanol blends that work for them based on their vehicle, their beliefs and their budget,” says the RFA's Robert White....More
Apr 14, 2011

Dekalb offers single-bag corn refuge product

Monsanto has announced limited availability of Dekalb brand Genuity SmartStax RIB complete corn, a single-bag solution for refuge management. Dekalb Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete corn combines a blend of 95 percent Dekalb Genuity SmartStax corn seed and 5 percent refuge (non-Bt) seed for farmers in the Corn Belt.  This technology eliminates the need for a separate, structured refuge when planted across a whole field....More
Apr 13, 2011

Next big thing in tillage

In the February issue of Farm Industry News, we told you about a new type of vertical tillage implement that uses ultra-shallow, hybrid coulter-discs to slice up corn stalks left behind by high-yielding, genetically modified corn. (See http://farmindustrynews.com/tillage/new-vertical-tillage-implements .)    .  .) . As their name implies, these tillage tools enter the soil vertically to clear a straight open path for roots to grow....More
Apr 11, 2011

Monsanto receives approval of refuge-in-a-bag product

Monsanto just received full regulatory approval for a single-bag refuge product for corn. The product is called Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete and can be planted across a corn grower’s entire field. It is a blend of 95% Genuity SmartStax corn seed and 5% refuge (non-Bt) seed. No separate, structured refuge is needed for either above- or below-ground pests in the Corn Belt. Monsanto does caution that growers planting Genuity SmartStax without the RIB Complete will still need a refuge....More
Apr 8, 2011

Syngenta, Bayer CropScience to develop HPPD-tolerant soybean trait

Growing weed resistance is driving the seed trait business. Syngenta and Bayer CropScience just announced that the two companies will collaborate on the development of an HPPD-herbicide-tolerant trait for soybeans. Adding HPPD-tolerance to the trait mix will help growers combat weed resistance, particularly to glyphosate. The trait is in the early development and will not be launched in North America until the “second half of this decade,” according to a news release from Syngenta....More
Apr 8, 2011

RFA applauds USDA for stating that ethanol industry produces fuel AND feed

Until today, USDA reported only the gross usage of corn for ethanol, implying that the ethanol process uses the entire bushel of corn. “This has led to inflated claims that the ethanol industry is using nearly 40% of the 2010/11 corn supply,” reported the RFA, adding that when the production of animal feed co-products is taken into account, only 23% of the 2010/11 U.S. corn supply and 3% of the global grain supply is truly being used for fuel production....More

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