Nov 29, 2011

Rain last week prevented fertilization

Last week started with a large rain and Saturday it rained some more.  It rained all day this Sunday. We only worked in the fields two hours chisel plowing in the middle of the week before we were rained out. Very little corn was harvested this week.  We will probably need a hard freeze before the rest of the corn will be taken off. I am glad I finished when I did. I have lots of liquid hog manure that I wanted to inject in the ground for next year's corn. That's not going to happen now.  I'll probably spread it on top after it freezes....More
Nov 21, 2011

Harvest in Northwest Ohio winding down

Harvest is winding down in northwest Ohio.  Soybeans are over 90 percent done and corn is around 80 percent done. The community I live in is full of type-A personalities, so nearly everything is done.  If the weather turns dry everyone will be out with chisel plows, but now it is wet enough that there is some question if doing tillage will do any good. I finished my corn harvest on November 19 (about a month later than last year). My corn averaged 175 bu./acre which is way more than we had anticipated. If there is one thing I learned this year it's that farming is an inexact science....More

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