Jun 12, 2012

Saved by my cell phone

A month ago I was putting liquid nitrogen on our corn fields. I stopped at my home and partially filled my tank and talked to my wife and then left to do a small field at 5:30 pm. When I was driving down to the field I managed to flip the tank sideways. When it flipped, it partially flipped the tractor. I was violently thrown off over the rear fender of the John Deere 4020....More
Jun 11, 2012

Along for the ride: My thanks to Mark Pearson

We all lost a great friend this past week. Mark Pearson, the host of Iowa Public Television's "Market to Market" program aired around the country, as well as the host of "The Big Show" daily farm radio program in Iowa, died suddenly of a heart attack at his farm in southern Iowa on June 3rd. He was 54 years old....More

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