Team FIN farmers find easy-mount loader, rock extractor, trencher at National Farm Machinery Show - Part I


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Nebraska farmers Scott McPheeters and son Clark spent three days at the National Farm Machinery Show looking over the equipment. In a two-part video, they offer some of the unique equipment they found among the 850 exhibitors.

The first product is the Westendorf Freedom Mount 550 loader that a tractor driver can easily attach and detach without leaving the tractor seat. Cost: $14,320. Visit

The second piece of equipment that the McPheeters discovered is the Rock Badger, a rock extractor for a skid-steer loader or a wheel loader. It is available from MDS Manufacturing. The Rock Badger for a skid steer sells for $1,925 and the model for a wheel loader is $10,000 to $14,500. Visit

A large trencher for placing field tile is the third product the McPheeters found at the show. The DK Precision Chain Trencher will dig a trench instead of plowing a trench to place tile. The trender retails for $105,000. Visit

The McPheeters are commercial farmers from Gothenburg, Neb. They led the Farm Industry News seminars at NFMS and have tested products for Farm Industry News for many years. See part II at

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