SHELL LUBRICANTS says its new motor oil provides 50% more tread wear protection than its previous formula. Shell Rotella T with triple protection has a detergent system designed to control 30% more piston deposits and sludge in engines. The new lubricant is designed to protect the particulate filters in a diesel engine against the buildup of harmful deposits and lower the ash count in the oil, creating a cleaner engine and lowering overall maintenance costs.

According to the company, Shell Rotella T also helps prevent a loss of oil thickness caused by regular wear on the engine and maintains a consistent thickness throughout the maintenance interval.

The American Petroleum Institute introduced a new diesel motor oil category, API CJ-4, which features stricter regulations on engine oil. All motor oil used in 2007 on-highway diesel engines must meet these specifications. The Shell Rotella T with triple protection is one of the first motor oils on the market to meet these requirements. It can be used in pre-2007 diesel engines and is compatible with other engine oils.

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