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Team FIN tests

A group of 15 farmers works closely with Farm Industry News to test products for the farm. Farmers in the group, called Team FIN, offer their opinions on the new products, which are published under the Team FIN Test heading. Team FIN represents a variety of farm operations and locations from around the Midwest.

Jeff Ryan, Guy No.2

Jeff farms during the day, but in the evening he e-mails his observations about life on the farm to his city-dwelling friends. He weaves these observations into entertaining stories that are sure to bring recognition, sometimes tears, but mostly a few smiles and outright belly laughs.


Tier 4 engines

Strict EPA emission regulations for off-road diesel engines go into effect Jan. 1, 2011, for engines rated 174 hp and above. Farm machinery manufacturers are meeting the new regulations, called Tier 4, with engine designs that drastically reduce smoke and smog. Meeting the new Tier 4 requirements have necessitated some major changes in engine design, particularly for tractors.

Weed resistance

More than a decade of continual use of glyphosate on glyphosate-resistant corn and soybeans has created weed resistance problems. Currently, scientists have identified nine glyphosate-resistant weed biotypes in the United States, including horseweed (marestail), giant ragweed, common ragweed, Palmer amaranth and waterhemp. Growers now seed crop protection strategies to handle resistant weeds and prevent further resistance problems.

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