FAST DISTRIBUTING introduces a new liquid fertilizer applicator that handles more acres faster while allowing split application of nitrogen. The model 8120 applicator with a 60-ft. double bar will sidedress nitrogen on up to 24 rows of 30-in. widths. The outside wings fold so the applicator may be used for 16 rows. The double-bar wings are constructed from 4- × 6- × ¼-in. steel tubing, and the main drawbar is made of 10- × 10- × ¼-in. steel tubing. The 8120 also is equipped with 20-in. heavy-duty coulters. The unit includes either a 1,500- or 1,600-gal. tank.

A field-ready 8120 with a 1,600-gal. tank, John Blue ground drive pump and coulters set on 30-in. spacing retails for about $34,000. Contact Fast Distributing, Dept. FIN, 54859 County Rd. 44, Mt. Lake, MN 56159, 800/772-9279, visit or, or circle 182.