THE NEW DUAL-BEAM wireless motion-detection system from Jansen Electronics monitors driveways and other critical areas without expensive wiring. Its dual beam allows the sensor to detect people and vehicles, while ignoring small animals. Movement can be detected up to 45 ft. from each sensor. The receiver can be located up to 500 ft. from the sensor. Up to 12 sensors can be integrated, with separate chime tones and an indicator light for up to four zones. A test mode allows detection to be checked at the sensor. A low-battery warning indicates when the sensor needs a new 9v battery.

The dual-beam system has a list price of $400 and is available from Gempler's, 800/383-8473, www.gemplers.com. Or contact Jansen Electronics, Dept. FIN, 3885 S. Rock City Rd., Ridott, IL 61067, 815/232-3093, visit www.jansenelectronics.com or www.freeproductinfo.net/fin, or circle 194.