GLACIER Computer's new Sunlight Readable GX 1000A computer is four times as bright as traditional laptop LCD screens, so it's readable in bright sunlight. The industrial-strength computer, which is designed for permanent mounting in harsh environments, uses four backlight inverters to provide 1,350 nits of brightness. That compares with 300 nits for traditional laptops.

The GX 1000A is an 800-MHz computer with display, touch screen and multiple standard I/O ports. It is capable of running all Windows operating systems and works with numerous local and wide area wireless networks.

The suggested retail price is $4,995. A waterproof keyboard also is available. Contact Glacier Computer, Dept. FIN, 10 Northern Blvd., # 2, Amherst, NH 03031, 603/882-1560, visit or, or circle 196.