Glyphosate remains effective on a wide array of weeds, but reinforcements are coming. Here are just a few products in the pipeline.

Zidua herbicide, developed in a partnership between BASF and Kumiai Chemical Industry, has shown strong residual control of amaranthus species in corn and soybeans and Italian ryegrass in wheat. BASF is expecting EPA approval of the herbicide by the end of the year. It will join the company’s Kixor herbicide launched last year.

Enlist Duo, Dow AgroSciences’ new herbicide, includes a new formulation of 2,4-D mixed with glyphosate to be used over the top of Enlist corn and soybeans.

An HPPD trait for soybeans is in the works through a partnership between Bayer CropScience and MS Tech. Bayer launched its LibertyLink soybeans and Ignite herbicide in 2009. The two companies expect to have a GlyTol- and HPPD-stacked trait in 2015, and with a LibertyLink trait on top the following year. In addition, Bayer recently announced collaborations with Syngenta on HPPD technologies coming the latter half of the decade. HPPD represents the first residual herbicide-tolerant in soybeans.

Dicamba-resistant traits also are in the pipeline. These are being developed by Monsanto and BASF.