Warrant herbicide is an encapsulated formulation of acetochlor, which can be applied on soybeans from the first trifoliate to the first reproductive stage. It provides up to 40 days of residual control of grasses and broadleaf weeds, including waterhemp, lambsquarters, barnyardgrass and black nightshade. Warrant offers control of ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

“We test marketed Warrant in 2010 and had some outstanding results,” says Matt Helms, U.S. crop protection marketing lead for Monsanto. “It is ideal for an over-the-top application in soybeans as well as postemerge application on corn. Its wide application window gives producers added flexibility in their weed control options.”

Helms says that while there is an increased interest in preemerge herbicides, there still is a segment of the market demanding a product that can provide postemerge options. “For producers who have time constraints at planting, using Warrant early post in a tankmix with Roundup offers excellent weed control,” Helms says. “Warrant also fits in well with a post application in corn, especially when corn gets past 12 in. and other chemical options are limited.”

TripleFlex herbicide is an acetochlor premix formulation that can be applied to preemerge and postemerge Roundup Ready corn. It contains three modes of action for control of ALS-, glyphosate- and triazine-resistant weeds, has a flexible application window — from preplant up to 11-in. corn — and provides broad-spectrum control of more than 60 grass and broadleaf species, including pigweed, lambsquarters, waterhemp, velvetleaf and ragweed.

“Retailers are stocked up for 2011 with this product,” Helms says. “It’s a great product for corn growers and offers a non-atrazine option for producers.”