Incognito fungicide contains the active ingredient thiophanate-methyl and controls a variety of diseases in soybeans, such as white mold, frogeye leaf spot, and rusts. Incognito can be tankmixed with a variety of other fungicides in support of resistance management.

Parallel Plus herbicide on corn hosts two modes of action to provide preemergent and early postemergent control of grasses, pigweeds, waterhemp and other small-seeded broadleaves, including glyphosate-resistant species. It can be used as part of a two-pass program on Roundup Ready, Clearfield and LibertyLink corn as well as conventional seed varieties. Parallel Plus has improved material suspension during winter storage, requires less time in handling and mixing, and has greater compatibility with water and nitrogen solutions.

Bumper VC fungicide, hosting a new formulation of propiconazole for use on corn, soybeans and wheat, will be introduced in 2012. Bumper VC offers both preventative and curative disease management properties for controlling a wide variety of diseases.