Bayer CropScience launched Poncho/Votivo last year for the corn market, and it will be available for soybean producers this year. Poncho/Votivo is a combination insecticide and biological seed treatment that, when applied to seed, controls certain early-season insects and protects the plant from nematodes.

As a result of the dual protection, plant vigor also improves, Bayer says. In soybeans, Poncho/Votivo controls insects, including early-season aphids, overwintering bean leaf beetle and seed corn maggot.

Autumn Super herbicide (iodosulfuron and thiencarbazone) was labeled late in 2011 and controls winter annual weeds on acres planted to either corn or soybeans for the upcoming planting season. Application timing is after annual weeds have emerged and are actively growing. Application can be made in the fall until early spring but must be complete 30 days before planting corn and 90 days before planting soybeans.