Fierce is a preemergence herbicide (pyroxasulfone and flumioxazin) for use in soybeans and reduced-tillage field corn. It has shown residual control of tough weeds, including weeds like glyphosate-, ALS- and triazine-resistant Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and annual grasses. Valent anticipates EPA registration for this growing season.

Dormark fungicide, which controls a broad spectrum of soybean diseases, is now registered in corn. Dormark is a triazole chemistry and has both systemic and contact activity. It is effective on leaf spots (gray leaf spot, eyespot), rusts (common, southern) and leaf blights (anthracnose, northern corn leaf blight and southern corn leaf blight) in corn.

Zeal miticide offers control of spider, red and Banks mites on numerous crops. Registration for corn is expected in 2012.