Dow AgroSciences anticipates registration of Transform WG insecticide for this crop season. It will offer growers control of soybean aphids at a low use rate with low impact on beneficial insects. Transform is the first molecule to be developed in a new class of chemistry — the sulfoximines — making it an important resistance management tool for growers.

Although it won’t be available until the 2013 crop season, expect to read a lot about Enlist Duo, the herbicide component of the Enlist weed control system from Dow AgroSciences. Enlist Duo will be a postemergence product for use over the top of crops with the Enlist trait. It will offer a combination of glyphosate and a new 2,4-D. Colex-D technology, a technology package featured in Enlist Duo, is comprised of 2,4-D choline, the latest in formulation science.