Another grain bin manufacturing company, GSI, also recently unveiled an innovative grain storage system that significantly improves on-farm grain-handling efficiency.

“Our customers are asking for more storage capacity and faster fill rates, and we’re providing it for them,” says Scott Becker, GSI storage product manager, Assumption, Ill. “Our new 40-Series grain bin features a Z-Tek Roof System, which increases peak weight capacity at the top of the bin from 10,000 to 30,000 lbs. to accommodate larger grain conveyors for faster fill rates. The increased flat-top size of our largest bins also helps provide more room to fit a large conveyor.”

GSI’s improvements in grain storage efficiency are being made with better grain quality and cost in mind, Becker notes. “We’re helping provide greater control over grain temperature, with grain temperature cable brackets that come standard with the bin,” he says. “We’ve moved the roof exhausters to the roof peak to pull air off the entire length of the bin to reduce potential moisture condensation problems. Our new design also decreases the time spent during construction, which helps lower cost.”