Sukup says the QuadraTouch control system for its tower dryers is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments and is simple to operate for easy start-up. Two options are available for monitoring a Sukup dryer remotely. The first is a GSM phone modem that works with the QuadraTouch display and functions through the GSM cellphone service. A user receives a text message if the dryer shuts down, and can also send a text to receive the dryer’s current status, moisture, unload speed and temperature in a text back. And moisture content, plenum temperature and unload speed can also be adjusted from your cell phone.

The second option is remote monitoring software, which can be installed on a laptop or PC. All data being collected through the QuadraTouch system can be monitored from home on your computer. And as a safety precaution, the dryer cannot be started remotely. Visit for more information.