GSI has a dryer control and remote monitoring system available for their grain dryers that they say will make life easier when it’s time to dry grain this fall.

The first component in the system is the Vision Network dryer control, which monitors just about everything that’s happening during drying. A dryer status chart shows grain temperature, moisture in, moisture out, and temperature out, and all that data is logged every minute. The Vision controller has color, touch screen control, a 32 bit microprocessor, a log of all shut-downs, a safety disconnect, a low voltage safety circuit, and other features.

The second component is the WatchDog remote dryer monitor, an optional add-on to GSI dryers. At the show, the company said interest in the system has spiked dramatically over the past year as more growers are using their smartphones and tablets to help them farm more efficiently. The WatchDog system allows a grower to remotely monitor a number of dryer functions on a mobile or tablet device. Moisture, temperature and dryer status can all be controlled from the comfort of home, or anywhere around the farm. For more information, visit