AgriDry, LLC, was on hand at the show to talk about their grain control solution, which they describe as a three-step process. Their system can be installed on any existing dryer or bin on your farm.

Step one involves installation of the AgriDry grain spreader in the bin in order to create uniform airflow within the bin or dryer. It also eliminates hazards, such as hot spots, bridging, crusting or personal injury from bin entry.

Step two is operating the aeration system with the AgriDry Bullseye electronic controller located on the outside of the bin. The monitor allows an operator to control grain temperature and moisture to allow for consistency throughout drying. And it eliminates inefficiencies such as shrinking, spoilage, wasted energy, stress cracks and condensation.

Lastly, step three is the management of the drying process through the ADLink remote monitoring system. An operator has 24/7 access to what’s happening in their bin or dryer through a computer, or a mobile or tablet device. Settings can be changed remotely, and on-event status alerts keep the operator informed. Data is logged hourly, and multiple users can access that data. The result: Fewer trips to the bin site, elimination of manual monitoring and assurance that grain is drying properly and efficiently. For more information, visit