AgriDry has designed the Bullseye to handle a wide variety of grains and is not only capable of removing moisture, but also adding moisture when needed. One situation would be if you harvest soybeans at 11% moisture. Normally you would give the elevator the 2% field loss, but with this technology you could safely bring the target moisture to 13% with minimal costs. With commodity prices at their current levels, it is more important than ever to capture and maintain as much value as economically possible.

By using the Bullseye system, I have been able to reduce my labor requirements, lower my energy costs, and maintain quality while reducing my storage risks. The net effect is a lower cost of production. While the Bullseye controller does not totally eliminate the need to manually check your grain bins, it will give you more confidence of the condition of your grain, and the end result is more money in your pocket.

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