While on my yearly trip to FarmFest by Redwood Falls, MN, in the summer of 2007, one product that caught my eye was the AgriDry Bullseye bin system. After talking to the company founder, Eli Troyer, I decided that his system would be a good product to add to my existing facilities.   

Drying and storing crops have always been challenges in the Corn Belt, and I have used the Bullseye controllers through two difficult seasons to assist me in my grain-management chores.

My bin site consists of five bins, all with full aeration floors, and fans, with the bulk of its capacity being three 42- x 25-ft. bins with a capacity of more than 30,000 bu. each. I also have a high-heat, continuous-flow dryer that was put into service in 2005. In 2008, I installed the Bullseye system on two of my 42-ft. bins. The first system included the controller, a temperature cable, and a static pressure gauge coupled to one 28-in. axial fan. The second system had similar equipment to the first, but it controlled two 28-in. fans and two in-line LP heaters.