MANA's Bumper ES fungicide has received approval by the EPA for its new formulation that provides broad-spectrum control of foliar fungal diseases on corn, soybeans, sorghum and other crops.
Bumper ES has an advanced propiconazole formulation that performs at levels equivalent to emusifiable concentrate (EC) products but with improved environmental, handling and safety qualities. With exceptionally low use rates, low odor and favorable personal protective equipment a requirement, Bumper ES offers significant improvements in ease of use and convenience versus competitive delivery platforms.
Bumper ES provides preventive and curative disease management against brown leaf spot, Septoria leaf blight, glume blotch, rusts and many others, and is classified as a FRAC Group 3 fungicide. It is currently registered for use on corn, soybeans, almonds, berries, cereals, citrus, peanuts, pecans, rice, sorghum, stone fruit, sugarcane and tree nuts.
Read the full press release from MANA here.